Floratil is used for avoiding diarrhoea in children and as well as adults. It is available in the form of powder suspension and also as capsules.

FLORATIL ,benefits


Composition :-

This medicine contains Saccharomyces Boulardii.

Floratil Benefits :-

This medication is used in treating, preventing and controlling the following conditions :

* Diarrhoea in children and adults.

Floratil Side effects :-

This medication shows some mild side effects. But it is not necessary to be experienced by everyone. If these side effects become severe and worsen then consult your doctor immediately. Following are the side effects of this medicine :-

* Allergic reactions.

* Skin rashes.

Floratil Precautions :-

If you are undergoing this medication then some precautions are to be followed. Below are the listed points to be followed :

* Inform doctor about your current health conditions (before intake).

* Stop this medication if you are allergic and experiencing the side effects.

* Read the directions given on the package.

* Everytime you visit to a doctor, it is most important to inform your doctor if you are undergoing any other medication.

Floratil Do’s and Don’ts :-

Do’s :

* Ask your doctor about the dosage and the duration.

* Hence, it most important to consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

Don’ts :

* Don’t drink alcohol while you are under medication.

* Do not drive a vehicle or operate heavy machinery as it may be dangerous.

* Do not take over dosage.

* If you are missing dose regularly then it is better to set an alarm.

* Do not take this medicine if you are having kidney failure. Inform your  doctor about the current health conditions.

* Do not breast feed as it may harmful to a nursing baby.

Storage of Floratil  :-

* All medicines are to be stored at room temperature.

* Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.

* Keep the medicines reach out of children and pets.

Dosage of FLORATIL :-

Consult your doctor for dosage information.

Floratil Manufacturers :-

Merck manufactures this medicine.


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